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Thesis editing and proofreading service

PhD Thesis Editing Services

Effective editing and a meticulous assessment of content are the stepping stones for submitting a remarkable thesis. The most gifted of academicians sometimes ignore the smaller details in the work. When it comes to a doctoral thesis, the length may go beyond 200 pages. The scholars have to read the entire thesis over and over again to rule out even the slightest possibility of errors. Thesis Clinic offers PhD thesis editing service which benefits the scholars by having their work viewed by academic expert PhD thesis editors in India.

Price for editing 200 pages (Considered 50000 words) thesis is Rs 34500, while proofreading costs Rs 25000. Price varies with word count and turnaround time you require. You can also request a sample edit of 2-3 pages before confirming the order. 

At Thesis Clinic your work is looked at from many different perspectives to give it a holistic appeal. For those scholars who wish to get their thesis proofread, the team of multi-disciplinary experts ensures flawless spelling, grammar and expression throughout the lengthy thesis. By varied rounds of proofreading, the team weeds out the typographic errors and enhances the layout and the formatting to finish a structured and professional piece for the client.

Clients seeking advice on the scope, structure and argument in the context of the thesis can rely on Thesis Clinic. The organisation offers to add strength to the argument by putting in new and relevant references. Assessment of the logical flow is also done for ensuring that the argument flows from chapter to chapter and paragraph to paragraph. In the case where scholars need to incorporate tutors’ comments into the proofread draft, the team can do a very good job. For any other aspect that is linked to the complete thesis work, the expert PhD thesis editors in India at Thesis Clinic are here to assist the scholars. To opt for PhD thesis editing services, please write in to info@thesisclinic.in