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When you are pursuing a PhD, there are hundreds of questions that can confront you. The research topic to choose, methods to follow, references to use or sample size for survey will be just some of the crucial decisions that you must make. Your PhD thesis and its worth depend upon the decisions you make. But choosing the correct options without any guidance is almost impossible. Do not worry, now you can avail a session of free consultation with our mentors.


There are many reasons why you require a consultant during your PhD journey. Here are the benefits that you can avail from the free consultation session:

  • Discuss and understand the issues that are facing you
  • Based on the nature of problems, choose an appropriate service that will help you solve the same
  • Ask for information about the service that you want to opt for. Know about the subjects covered, processes, time required, level of input required and the quality of final results.
  • You can also get help for choosing a mentor, writer, statistician or editor who will help you with your project

You can ask any question from our consultants during the free consultation, as far as they are pertinent for your research study and are in some way related to the services we offer.

The consultation will be provided through a video chat session, where you will be able to directly talk to the consultant. To avail the free consultation, you need to provide us some information about yourself and the course that you are pursuing, so that we can assign a suitable consultant. Call +91-120-4156261 or email at info@thesisclinic.in  or Schuedule consultation using form above